ROBOTS aid to fight the Corona virus outbreak

Amidst the global corona pandemic robots designed by an engineering student at the Regional Center of Robotics Technology at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok is helping fight the virus by aiding doctors with a robot that features to screen and observe COVID-19 coronavirus patients.

An engineering student configures a medical robot modified to screen and observe COVID-19 coronavirus patients at the Regional Center of Robotics Technology at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
Source: Getty Images
Similarily Automation contributor Fan Shi shared few videos from China where robots help disinfect rooms and serve food and medicines to the patients keeping the medical staff and patients isolated.

Well having said that these robots are aiding hospitals, nurses and the entire medical field in the age of pandemic its quite a significant moment to rethink that where were all these robotic automation processes kept hidden? to the people. 

Often it is suppressed that robots and the way they help in automating the tasks are beneficial in not only the medical industry but also in a whole host of other engineering fields involving food automation, construction, surveillance, etc. 

One must understand that discovering the innovative elements in this field shall never stop and automation won't always steal jobs but also aid in saving lives.


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